typically 3-4 extensions (a volume fan) on one natural lash. The weight of these lashes are much lighter so the natural lash can sustain it. This style is fluffier and fuller in appearance and creates a denser lash line.

FULL SET (3 hours) $245
2-WEEK FILL (1.75 hour) $95
3-WEEK FILL (2 hours) $105


*Please note that a minimum of 40% of extensions must remain to be considered a fill. Your hair growth cycle and lash aftercare are factors in determining this*
*Times may vary depending on the amount of natural lashes each individual may have. The times listed are for the maximum time allotted*
*Prior to your appointment, please remove your contact lenses and come makeup free!*

I have been seeing Tiffany for lash extensions for over a year- her work is nothing short of amazing! She is professional, caring, and meticulous when it comes to detail. Most importantly, she takes the time to understand each of her clients needs and tailor her approach accordingly. I would highly recommend Tiffany for all of your lash and skin care needs!

Anne R.

I absolutely love my Glamouryze, lashes! By Tiffany!” -Diane L.

Diane L.